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Sure. I don't see why not? Peeing is an enormous time sink on humanity and would be absolutely ground-breaking if a startup could make signifiant progress there.

If you were being sarcastic and intentionally telling me to stop being creative and thinking big-picture, please don't do that. I hate when HN just shuts down all creative thinking with sarcastic laughter.

I don't see breathing as a tedious repetitive task because it happens mostly automatically and can be done in parallel with other work quite easily. But I could be wrong and I suppose there's room for improvement there too. CO2 detectors and air quality monitors in meeting rooms - as a standard - would likely boost productivity and reduce other tedious work as employees will be able to breathe easier (with better knowledge about CO2 in the office, more efforts for improved ventilation would likely happen).

To me your list sounded like you were making fun of the previous poster. Very "small picture"

I'm not making fun of anyone! To me it sounds like the poster is making fun of all of us fools who have repetitive tasks in our lives.

> 'What repetitive tasks do you do?'

> 'None. I'm in pure math'

...just seems snarky and condescending. I'm listing real problems that most people have, that are indeed repetitive, mostly work-related, and could have solutions (at least partial solutions).

I think the issue is that most people don't see many of the items on your list as either solvable, or something that gets in the way of work or other activities. But one item on the list did stick out for me -- pens/paper. Back when I worked for a catalog / contract office supply place (there used to be a bunch of small ones back before the mid 90's), they had a company that they worked with which would go out to customers and manage their office supply closet inventory for them. And automatically place orders for anything that was running low. Was a real time saver for many of our customers back then.

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