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This is a great way to find ideas for a startup btw... the classic one is finding out what tedious stuff people do in Excel all day then simplify and automate.

I will say for me I spend probably too long opening a series of programs and getting set up before I can work. I believe there is software for this, but my dream is to have it simple and customizable by project. I would love to be able to open everything to the right directory and the right apps for working on different projects, or adjust the ones I need at any time based on being at a different point in the project.

All told this is just a few minutes every morning, but always a minor annoyance.

> I spend probably too long opening a series of programs and getting set up before I can work

Someone just released an app for macOS to solve this problem [1].

[1] https://www.producthunt.com/posts/workspacepro

I would absolutely love a keyboard shortcut per project so I could hot swap between services without having to worry about killing containers, building new ones, opening and then resizing/positioning editors, opening (resizing/positioning) spec docs.

I agree this sounds trivial, but the overhead of getting my multi-monitor setup just right when switching to a new service in the codebase is enough to kill flow.

window manager plus tmux could probably take you far. i agree that “trivial” frictions like this really add up to stress and work avoidance

Can you not solve this by not closing your essential programs and putting your device to sleep instead of powering it off?

PS: Don't do this without battery/ups fallback.

I believe his complaint was with multiple projects, each one has it's own set of essential programs, and switching between projects means closing down one set and opening another

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