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Am I the only one who thought the Bing maps were more "readable" than the Google maps? I do agree that the Yahoo maps were by far the worst, but to me the Bing maps were better designed (other than the color scheme) than the Google maps. Maybe it's just me?

It's just you (based on my study with n=1). I.e. I think Google Maps look way better.

I agree. Until someone runs subjects on a bunch of use scenarios, it's hard to say which is better, and I happen to prefer Bing. Conjecturally speaking, one-pixel outlines come at a cost -- if you don't need them, as when the map colors are low-contrast, you can actually have somewhat bigger text.

My hypothesis is that people with poor eyesight or cheap monitors might have problems with Bing. The low contrast is very beautiful, especially if you have a great screen, but maybe not optimal in all situations. I would love to see that tested.

It's not just you. Google's colors have more saturation, which makes the text labels stand out less, and this is what creates the need for the outline glow to make the text labels stand out again.

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