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Step 4 - live in a bubble where you are always correct forever.

Filtering out everyone who happens to disagree with your opinion is a good way to get stuck in an echo chamber.

> Step 4 - live in a bubble where you are always correct forever.

Since I'm forced to interpret your comment in the most generous way, I'll reply with yes. Step 4 is living in a bubble where obviously incorrect interpretations of the world don't waste much of my time and concentration.

But even if I were wrong on the facts of this particular case I wouldn't end up in an echo chamber. I simply end up reading a variety of op-eds and articles written by people who vociferously defend freedom of the press. AFAICT those writers cross ideological lines.

I don't get purchasing recommendations from paid ads in my instagram feed.

This goes some way toward explaining the RussiaRussiaRussia hysteria...

belltaco 37 days ago [flagged]

Also Pizzagate.

Spread by Mr. Assange himself for political purposes.


Leading to https://rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/john-pod...

Yes I agree that random crazy people should be held to the same standard as the war media.

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