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Ketamine May Relieve Depression by Repairing Damaged Brain Circuits (npr.org)
46 points by starpilot 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

So does Ketamine have any other ways of action besides neurogenesis?

There are compounds like NSI-189 that are going towards this path, but they come up short in trails.

What do they mean at the end by you need to maintain the new connections?

If I've read this correctly, the theory states that depression heralds from damaged connections between synapses in a brain region regulating mood. Fixing these connections can be induced by stimulating the synapses in that area in a specific way, which Ketamine does. The effect appears to be transient, which means the damage returns after a while, requiring additional treatments. If there was a way to stop the disruption of connections in that brain region permanently, you would not need repeat Ketamine treatments.

Ah so ketamine then isn't solving the problem, but rather is just repairing the damage which will come back? Kind of like road maintanence?

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