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I came to the comments expecting a lot skeptics and was nos let down. Guys give this a try, I fit the usual software engineer physical stereotype and would like to gain some muscle but I don’t invest that much on PT as i should.

IMO, Give this a try jakemor said in the comments he’ll give a free month to anyone on HN

Hey bud. Instead of sending $8 a month to have information that is already accessible to you regurgitated to you with pretty UI try this instead...

Do you walk? If you don't, start there.

A study of sedentary, overweight men and women (aged 40 to 65 years) showed they lost body fat and weight when they walked or ran 12 miles a week during an 8-month study, without changing their diet. A control group of non-exercisers all gained weight and fat during the 8-month study."


Do you sit at a desk a lot? You probably have poor posture associated with it. Do any yoga, at all. Literally any program.

Here's one from my favorite online yogi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAUf7aajBWE

Do you want to lift weights? For $8, one time, you can order Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. - https://www.amazon.com/Starting-Strength-Basic-Barbell-Train...

This book will teach you how to lift the weights, as well as how to program the lifts, which is twice as much as this app is claiming to do. At 1/12th the price for the first year, 1/24th the second, and 1/36th the third, etc..

Anyone that puts reasonable effort into a reasonable program will see great results.

Definitely give something a try, but I see no compelling reason to pay for this when there are a variety of high-quality free programs out there.

The importance of 'fitness programming' per se is massively inflated online; you'll absolutely need some structure to achieve high performance, but 'the usual software engineer physical stereotype' basically can't help but make progress if they're actually doing physical activity. You could do some of the most bone-headed things imaginable and you wouldn't be wasting your time.

If you're looking for tracking apps or something to do the 'thinking' for you, there are literally dozens of good options.

As someone who lifts 5-6 times a week, let me give you a solid blueprint based on what has worked for me, my peers, and many others who know what the fuck they're doing.

It's important to note that this will be a process and anyone trying to sell you a shortcut is full of shit. Including the guy who made this thread. Cool idea, but misleading as shit.

Here we go.

1. Your diet will fuel your growth way more than any workout routine generated by a man, woman, alien, genderless entity, or artificial intelligence ever will.

To put it simply, if you want to pack on muscle? Weight train and eat eat more calories than you burn. ~300-500 more calories.

If you want to lose weight? Weight train and/or cardio. Eat less calories than you burn. ~300-500 less calories.

You can find many TDEE calculators online. I like to use the calculator over at iifym.com.

For example:

If I want to gain weight and my body burns around 2000 calories per day, then I should probably eat 2300-2500 calories, with my protein intake being around 0.7g/lb of body weight.

If I want to lose weight and my body burns around then maybe I should eat around 1500-1700 calories, with my protein intake being around 0.7g/lb of body weight.

That's it. It's a numbers game. Calories in vs calories out. Your body doesn't give a shit about anything else (assuming you're eating balanced meals to fulfill your vitamin needs. If not, pick up some multivitamin and you'll be fine). The hard part is usually planning the meals and actually getting used to eating a lot. That's going to suck, but it gets easier.

And forget all that shit about supplements. Only thing you truly will find useful is whey protein powders and creatine. Do your own research. You're a smart guy, I bet. You got this.

2. Your routine is secondary to your diet. Remember this shit. Don't forget this shit. Write this shit down. Your routine is secondary to your diet. Aside from that, you need to know what you want to do.

Do you want to be strong as fuck? Find a routine that focuses on strength training.

Do you want to be aesthetic as fuck? Find a routine that focuses on hypertrophy. This will most likely be a program that works each body part twice a week.

No matter what you decide to do, be patient and consistent. Results will come, but never overnight.

Whatever routine you choose to do, focus on progressive overloading aka increase the stress put on your muscles each workout. This could be by increasing the number of sets, reps, or weight. Just do more.

Find a routine. Make sure it has a focus on compound exercises. Find a personal trainer who can actually show you how to lift correctly (should only be a few sessions). Go hard. Be consistent. Don't switch the program until you at least put in 6 months of work or your goals change. Don't be afraid to tweak things to your own liking.

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