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Why would EU support Russian asset?

First, Assange is certainly not a Russian asset. If, the Russian's would not had to face their publishing disasters they had with MacronGate and Gulliver 2. With Assange as their asset it would have been actually successful.

Second, Russia is an european nation. With a corrupt and criminal leadership, yes, but not as frightening as the corrupt and criminal leadership in the US with actual offensive strategies and media dominance. Russia only interferes with its direct neighbors for centuries. The US interferes everywhere else. With aircraft carriers. Russia has no aircraft carriers. For selfdefense submarines are enough. Europe always tries to be friends with both, esp. since they rely on them for their exports (us) and gas (russia). Many russian assets happily live either in Vienna, Monaco or London.

The russian narrative "workers rules" was quite successful over the fascist narrative "industry rules". There are legitimate friends of both factions.

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