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Nice 4chan-style image and completely uninformed and idiotic comment. the large majority of those 850K lines of code were machine generated, models, or docs. Go back to whatever alt-right hole you crawled out of.

Citation definitely needed.

The software is "ehtim", here are the contributors:


He says:

> I wrote ehtim (eht-imaging) as a python framework for implementing regularized maximum likelihood imaging methods on EHT data. In the last two years, it has evolved into a flexible environment for manipulating, simulating, analyzing, and imaging interferometric data and is a workhorse of the EHT’s data analysis pipeline.

Source: https://achael.github.io/_pages/software/

At first I thought the image was being disingenuous by cherry-picking commits to highlight, but take a look for yourself, she really did mostly just modify plotting, add options and fix bugs:


There's nothing wrong with that, but claiming that she is "behind the software" is just bullshit.

and also doing stuff like computing Fourier matrices:


But who's counting, right? Seems that you have to not only manage the team writing the software, but you also have to write the entire software to get credit.

It's been obvious from the beginning that the aggressive idealogues decided she was a mascot for progress, regardless of her willingness to participate.

It's a shame that the genuinely colossal achievements of Katie and her colleagues are being trivialised by this toxic "progressive" coverage.

"Go back to whatever alt-right hole you crawled out of."

Not sure if trying to be strong pun.

I guess it's no different than a pharaoh taking credit for the pyramids built on the backs of the slaves.

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