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The second statement doesn't follow from the first. He was both wanted for questioning in a rape investigation _and_ wanted for extradition to the US.

You can both want him to face charges for rape, and also not want him to be extradited to the US.

The lack of regard for a rape case against him (mostly by male commenters, it has to be said) is very troubling.

I think what you are saying is he should have been extradited to Sweden not the US?

Apparently those charges were dropped?


> The investigation into the allegation of rape, as of 19 May 2017, has been dropped by Swedish authorities.

It wasn't dropped in the sense that the prosecutors dropped their charges. It was dropped in the sense that the case was put in a dormant state. It can be re-opened, until August 2020 I believe.

Not just that, but the original accuser dropped her charges long before the Swedish authorities gave up.


Yes, that's rape in Sweden, and some other sex crime in all other civilized countries.

Dismissing this act reflects poorly upon you, though.

Honest question, as I'm not familiar with swedish law. If a man consents to have sex with a woman that claims to be taking birth control pills and later he finds out she really wasn't, can she be accused of rape?

Not familiar, either, but probably not.

The issue isn't birth control (alone), but foremost corporeal autonomy (the woman didn't want him to have "naked" sex, while in your example the man wanted to) and to a lesser extent the health risk.

So not taking the pill is not even close to the question of sleeping without a condom.


If someone consents to sex with specific requirements like "you must wear a condom", and they secretly violate those requirements, how is that not non-consensual?


Rape is non-consensual sex. Violence is not required - sex with a sleeping person, for example, or sex with a toddler.


> The sex was consensual.

No, it wasn't.

If I consent to sell you my minivan, and you take my Lambo instead, that's theft even if I did consent to sell you a car.

"Consent issues" are rape. That's pretty much non-controversial, outside the incel rape fantasy boards.

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