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And be prepared for the 180 degree turn in the liberal circles when the Republicans try to get him executed.

With friends like the Democrats do progressives really need enemies?

According to the article, the crime for which he'd be extradited has a maximum penalty of five years in prison, not death.

If it did attract a death penalty he would be ineligible for extradition.

1 hours ago it was 1 year for skipping bail.

At the rate at which the maximum sentence is growing we should be seeing him hung and quartered by mid day tomorrow.

The extradition request arrived in 2012, but they managed to keep it secret until this arrest. Now that official press releases have come out from both countries, we know the charge underlying the extradition. The fact sheet linked from the UK press release explains that the rules for UK->US extradition would require consent from the UK, including consideration by the UK courts, of any additional offenses that the US may want to add while they have him in connection with this extradition.


They may very well approve some additional offenses, but probably not ones with the death penalty.

That beard deserves the death penalty, though.


Why do you think they made up that theory?

So do you think Trump was a puppet of Russia too?

No. I think he or possibly his underlings were more than willing to accept Russian help with little regard for legality, and Russia had their own reasons (personal hatred for Hillary Clinton by Putin, sanctions, etc.) for preferring Trump.

I think Trump would like to be Putin and to re-make America as a Russian-style gangster state with himself and his family as mafia dons. He's not Putin's puppet and has no loyalty to him. Trump is too narcissistic to (consciously) be anyone's puppet.

BTW I also think Trump has no special loyalty to the alt-right types he rode into office and would toss them under the bus as well (as he did with Bannon). Trump has no beliefs except winning and amassing power and money. He'd flip to far-left socialism in a day if he thought it would be a better route to power.

Just my opinion for what it's worth.

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