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Your latest sentence is really sad and in my opinion should be edited and removed.

Why? It refers to policies, not the nation.

"death to the US's policies" simply doesn't sound very catchy.

The word "death" has a very well defined meaning and pairing it to America conveys a significance which I find disturbing. Moreover, the fact that you built the frase in such an ambiguous way, led me to think that you did it on purpose. In everybody's interest I politely invite you not to play this game, thank you

"Death to Americans" would be disturbing, "Death to America" simply isn't. There isn't any credible disturbing interpretation here, if someone meant Americans instead of America then they would use that word.

In fact, even if I was calling for death to the nation, it'd still be a stretch to interpret that as calling for the death of Americans.

Death to any countries attempting to imprison journos.

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