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Chelsea Manning, who actually leaked things, is still in prison because of it. Apparently nobody cares.

In a solitary confinement non the less, for contempt of court, for refusing to testify in Assange case.


Is this common in US?

Punishing people for refusing to testify is, yeah. There is no right to non-friend-incrimination.

You can stay silent in your own defense, but if the government can prove that you have information on somebody else, they can compel you to give it up.

I'm not deeply familiar with grand jury process in the US but yeah I think it's unusual to place someone in solitary (which, btw, is torture according to the UN) for refusing to testify to a grand jury.

By the way, she has a defense fund if you want to help her out: https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/chelsea-manning-needs-... (I've donated.)

Actually, she's not in prison - the sentence was commuted. Unfortunately it looks like she might be jailed indefinitely for not testifying for a grand jury :/

Sorry, yes, I was sloppy in my phrasing and in use of "prison" vs. "jail." She did indeed leave her military imprisonment a while ago when Obama commuted her sentence and was out and in public and trying to put her life back together, but as of about a month ago she's been jailed again. I didn't mean to imply she'd been in prison continuously.

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