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You should assume by now that agenda pushers are covering most places on the internet that have some influence over the public. I truly hope somewhere in the future people will look on these people as heroes of journalism and protectors of public knowledge.

"He skipped bail so he should be arrested". No one can seriously be this dead in the brain... Staying in the UK which is a bitch state of the US who wants him gone was equal to life in prison or worse which he of course knew.

Actually we should all know by what happens when the US has a target, laws no longer apply and the media will make it look like some heroic action, as you can see by some reactions on this site...

Assange is what actual journalist looks like. Mass media are there just to repeat the "intelligence community consensus", not to tell people the truth.

After Lusitania, Gulf of Tonkin, babies out of incubators, WMDs, Russiagate, they still wonder why no one takes them seriously, and why are people looking for alternatives.

Assange is a corrupt paid agent of Russian propaganda network. The fact that you are a fan casts more shadow over your own character than anything else.

Yeah, keep repeating those neocon talking points. The war machine is proud of you.

Yeah, war machine like this one: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/08/world/middleeast/syria-ch...

Pieces of shit like you responsible for this.

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