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Oh come on. The fact that he has done some good doesn't mean that he is above the law.

"Seeking asylum" is not tbe same as "above the law" as the BBC would have you think. Lets see if he ends up in the states.

He hasn't been arrested for seeking asylum.

He's been arrested for jumping bail. He was on bail facing extradition for rape and sexual molestation charges. He sought asylum the moment he knew he would have to face those charges.

So you're correct. Seeking asylum isn't the same as being above the law. It's the same as avoiding being subject to the law. I can't say I see the distinction as being especially material.

> He was on bail facing extradition for rape and sexual molestation charges

Just to be precise the actual charge is that he was accused of having sex without a condom without telling his partner.

From Wikipedia.

> On 18 November 2010, Marianne Ny ordered the detention of Julian Assange on suspicion of rape, three cases of sexual molestation and unlawful coercion.

Are you saying that that's not true? I don't speak Swedish so I can't go back to the actual documentation to check myself.

This is correct, it's just that Swedish law considers "having sex without a condom without telling his partner" as rape.

So rape.

No shit.

What law, exactly?

Failing to surrender to court (ie breaching terms of bail). This is to avoid facing the allegations in Sweden.

Feigning ignorance of the obvious doesn't help anyone

failing to surrender to the court.

Bit like how in the US resisting arrest is a crime itself even if there was no legal grounds for the attempted arrest.

I will refer you to reading TFA. Also: rape.


There's no requirement for a rape to be violent.

Sex with a toddler is rape. Sex with a passed-out person you run across is rape. Sex with a blindfolded person who's into bondage but expecting someone else is rape.

If someone says they're only willing to have sex with a condom, and you secretly remove that condom, you're having non-consensual sex, i.e. rape.

Well, this comment did not age well...

The rape charges were dropped and incredibly suspicious as well.

Because he ran away.

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