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He looked very ill on the Daily Mail photos, I hope he'll survive the next couple of weeks...


I think he is in disguise! The difference the beard makes, he used to have stature on the balcony with his hairdo of a year ago, now he physically looks little.

Interesting how the UK laid siege to the embassy at vast expense. Had they not done that and just snitched silently with someone watching the normal CCTV that the UK is famous for then they would have had him getting used to nipping outdoors. But no, they made an example of him, and at considerable taxpayer expense.

It would only be a matter of time before the government of Ecuador would change to an American rather than a Bolivarian one, so even if they could not coax him out by having the absence of police then he would get himself having 'new landlords'.

Regarding Sweden, women are not 'mere chattel' in Sweden. To claim that the original allegations were just trumped up US bullshit is nonsense and a failing to understand that Swedish law is serious about equality. I don't think that the English speaking nations are anywhere near Sweden when it comes to treating everyone equally in law.

The law is a double edged sword, Assange could have understood Swedish law a bit better and respected it. That would have served him better than British law.

I agree. There are good reasons why prisons have exercise yards. 7 years in a room is very brutal on a human body.

Being stuck in an embassy for 7 years cannot be healthy.

He looked fine just two years ago[1], right before the Ecuadorian presidency changed hands.

[1] https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/may/19/julian-assange...

He certainly has some mental health issues, that's for sure.

I agreed. He does not look good.

Is he being carried out? Yelling "UK must resist".

The future for westerners that aid chekists never is good.

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