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The UK does not permit extradition where there is a risk of the death penalty being applied. It would require an assurance against the death penalty as a condition of extradition.

It's not quite as clear-cut as that any more: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jul/23/uk-will-not-...

That's an old article (July 2018), but I couldn't find anything more recent about that specific aspect of the case.

Yes, if he were to be extradited facing the death penalty this would actually violate the European Convention on Human Rights as decided in Soering v UK.

Does European law apply after Oct 31? #brexit

ECHR has nothing to do with the EU.

With the only exception being Belarus, every other European country (including Russia, Turkey, Switzerland etc.) signed that same convention.

What about life sentence instead of death penalty?

It's very clear: It only applies to death penalty. Life sentence would have him extradited.

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