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This mean that the single most expensive police case in the history of UK will have an end. It will be interesting to see the final price tag in respect to the final verdict.

Which is strange as the UK had little skin in the game to begin with

The state can't be seen to wink at skipping bail, or everyone would be doing it. I don't think you need to look for any deeper explanation than that.

That is a nice sentiment but I would like see the police budget if they start to spend the same amount of resources on all bail skips. Everyone being equal within the eyes of the law.

The police budget for the Assange case was about £3.5m per year. That is a lot of money which could be used in order to address other areas which the police is accused of turning a blind eye to.

Yes, because the Assange case was in the public eye. It's particularly important to uphold the law when everyone is looking.

If spending more resources for that reason conflicts with your ideals, then that's not a point I'm looking to argue here. My point is just that it doesn't take a conspiracy theory to explain why the UK was willing to spend this much money.

Consider for example all the money that the police spent looking for Madeline Mcann (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/police-madel...). Was she any more important than any other missing child? Not really. Was there a geopolitical motive? Obviously not. But hey, she was in the news.

Agreed. But it is ironic.

I think trying to maintain the 'special relationship' is their skin in the game.

the word lapdog or poodle comes to mind.

All that just to charge him with skipping bail. It's not even a question on whether he will be extradited to the US.

Meanwhile the reported Brexit will cost 6 billions euros in additional membership fees.

I wonder if the expense was solely borne by the UK taxpayer or if foreign interests helped finance it.

Obviously the tax payer. If there was any payments from foreign interests, they're more likely to end up in a Cayman Island bank account than HMRC's coffers.

Let's just say the UK taxpayer is paying to keep a "special relationship". Whatever the real value of that is to citizens will remain a mystery.

Apparently (according to other comment), all for the crime of jumping bail, with a maximum sentence of 2 years.

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