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About time. It will be good see his case brought before the courts whatever they will be in the US, UK, Sweden ... staying in the embassy for so many years is just absurd.

What case? The sexual assault charge in Sweden was dropped. Or are you talking about the USA wanting their day in court with him?

They weren't fully dropped. The investigation will continue if he enters Sweden before August 2020 when the statute of limitations expires for the last remaining allegation (minor rape).

Jumping bail when in the UK is an offence.

Trump will just pardon him.

Exactly what I thought.

The offense he is being charged with is absconding on the bail.

The maximum punishment for that is complicated, but as far I can see it is either max 3 months or it can be sent to the Crown Court where it is max 2 years.

And what case would that be? The case in Sweden was dropped for example.

The immediate one is breaking bail conditions.

Possibly extradition to the US over Wikileaks stuff, but no pubic application for that yet. But if he could be extradited from the UK to the US over Wikileaks, why would the US do the convoluted "extradite him to Sweden then on to the US from there" scheme that he claims was in progress? (ducks)

Reload the page, extradition confirmed.

I don't know if the rape case in Sweden can be reopened. But I suppose the US wants him in relation to the Russian election meddling investigation plus other cases and I suppose for him to be extradited he will first appear before a UK court.

There are obviously open cases as he has been arrested.

The statute of limitations expires in August 2020 so it can be reopened.

It wasn't dropped, the statute of limitations ran out because JA refused to be interviewed by the prosecutor and hid in an embassy.

No. He refused to leave the embassy for fear of extradition, but he invited prosecutors to interview him within the embassy.

Finally some reason. Can't believe all the comments here supporting Assange. I guess they have drunk the wikileaks cool-aid.

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