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Hard to imagine how that would have ended any other way really. No benefit for the Ecuadorians in man-handling him, he wasn’t going to leave of his own accord, and the Brits (proooobably) weren’t going to storm the place.

Pity whomever has to fumigate the room.

The Equadorian president Moreno didn't like Wikileaks publishing the INA papers that have lead to accusations of corruption against him. Assange could prbably have forseen that would endanger his asylum but published anyway, kudos to him.

WikiLeaks didn't publish the INA papers.

Fumigate? Does he smoke or something?

There were stories that he wasn't a very good house guest. Didn't clean up after himself or his pet, wasn't very hygienic himself too. Don't know if they are true but wouldn't surprise me to be honest.

"Stories" is a good descriptor for unsubstantiated claims made by the Ecuadorian government, which were denied by the former president.

If he was such a terrible guest why is the old consul going out holding press conferences in his defence?

Being a guest to a somewhat sympathetic host, then getting thrown out for failing the house rules on hygiene (cats, condoms,...) seems to be his thing.

They might be referring to the fact he had a cat, but then I doubt people fumigate all apartments where the previous owner has a cat. If that had been the case then cat ownership would carry a bit higher rent.

I have heard that Assange let his cat shit everywhere and didn't clean up after it, FWIW. Perhaps that's what the comment was referencing.

Reference to his cat

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