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This may inspire women to pursue a career in computer science. Is it bad even if it's political?

Of course not. She can be a great role model irrespective of gender. Bringing gender into the picture and promoting it as such, transfers group affiliations on divisive lines. Her achievement and work can be inspiring to all children, that should be the ideal political stance and message ethos

People who think that her being a woman is divisive are the ones making it political and divisive. Just accept that women exist and do science, and then it’ll stop being a problem for you when people talk about women exist and do science.

Yeah, I work with some brilliant people, some of whom are women. But I would include them in people group, not create a women group. Congrats on missing the point and getting tunnel visioned

Men are allowed to be called “men” without it taking them out of the people group. Why are you denying women the same?

People used to work in different men and women group earlier. With clear professional differences. Housewife is a word Househusband not as much. We work in mixed groups now. We don't need these boundaries (for both men and women). It's misleading, divisive and only help political people who want to further their own agendas

As it happens I only have vision in one eye. In her position would I want the headlines to begin 'Visually-impaired scientist..'? Personally I would find this patronising.

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