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How come she is everywhere on the internet but not at the presentation panel on live conference that was yesterday?

Jeez why the downvotes? It's a legitimate question I had.

The downvotes are typical in gender politics threads. There are two fronts aggressively arguing in a “you are either with us or against us fashion”

For the people questioning if she’s receiving unfair attention because of her gender they view you comment as an attack on the establishment ala: “How dare they exclude her!? Is it just because she’s a woman?” And downvote you. For the people arguing that her media coverage is being unfairly criticized because she’s a woman they view your question as an attack on the assertion that she deserves the attention so they downvote you.

In either case I think it’s interesting to ask why the proclaimed “woman behind the image” wasn’t there for the unvailing of the image.

This is very curious - the OP is functioning like a Rorschach for HN readers.

“ 29-year-old computer scientist”

She’s not an astronomer?

She is definitely not an astronomer. A lot of highly specialized and talented people who aren't astronomers or physicists are are critical to the success of big science projects.

Best to see her bio [1]:

I am a postdoctoral fellow with the Event Horizon Telescope and will be an Assistant Professor in the CMS department at Caltech beginning in 2019.

[1] https://people.csail.mit.edu/klbouman/

Astronomy is about computers to the same extent that computer science is about telescopes, as I think Dijkstra said.

Maybe not on paper, but she is definitely an astronomer.


There was a woman in the panel of press-release conference.

hidden figures? eerily similar

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