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> 1. Free ... 4. Takes care of most important backend stuff (forms and webhooks)

From my reading of https://www.netlify.com/pricing/#forms you will need to pay $19/month/site (!) just to collect the data from 1000 form submissions. By the time you have a couple of sites like this the price is already way too much for me and anyone else with basic backend knowledge. I hope I've misunderstood.

For a static site, I think 100 submissions/month for free is probably more than enough for the majority of people. Though going straight to $19/month is a pretty big step if you're just hosting your own personal website/blog.

It's $0,019 per submission, which I think is a fair price if you're actually sending that amount (and making money from it). It would costs you much more to build unless. That said, for personal (free) use there are a lot of alternative options.

If you have a lot of form submissions on a static site you can elect to use Mailchimp for capturing responses.

They give you the ability to have 2,000 contacts in the system at one time for free.

To be fair, you get 100 submissions/month for free. And since you get drop in honeypots and reCAPTCHA those are typically valid submissions.

I get far fewer than 100 submissions, and just the time it saves me getting the backend settings configured is already worth it, never mind setting up email, honeypots, etc.

It makes the form features useless for hosting websites for non profits organizations and campaigns (which is a perfect use case for a static website).

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