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> paid for by tax dollars

You make it sound like that's a bad thing. If federal taxes don't go towards things that _the entire country's population_ could use, then, why are there taxes in the first place again?

If you've got a complex tax situation that TurboTax asks you to file by mail, or even if you just want to file yourself, you have to go to - you guessed it - the IRS' website to get all the forms and instructions. The IRS already has to navigate all that complexity to put out all these forms and instructions for every field, tax table, eligibility flow charts etc and the government certainly employs developers[1] already. The government also has to budget for printing millions of 1040 pamphlets for the entire country, and they somehow are able to come up with budget for things like that Trump wall, so surely coming up with budget to implement electronic filing isn't a question of money waste?

[1] https://v2.designsystem.digital.gov/components/

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