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> I don't expect the IRS to make software for complicated taxes as that's a very difficult challenge.

The IRS already has this software. They are literally the best placed people in the world to make this software.

How do you think they check taxes for 300,000,000 people + businesses? And their software is already pre-populated with data from employers, banks, brokerages, and all the other places that automatically file data with the IRS.

To my (very limited) understanding, I'm under the impression their main way of verifying taxes is by comparing what you reported vs what everyone else who reported a tax form on you sent in.

I 100% agree that the IRS should handle the majority of simple taxes. I just don't think it's reasonable to expect them to find all the possible deductions or suggest complex strategies for you. They could offer common suggestions & try to remind you of common deductions though.

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