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> The Ways and Means chair, Neal, received $16,000 in contributions from the two companies in the last two election cycles, according to the ProPublica report.

When companies make contributions like this, why don't politicians just take the money and then do whatever they want anyway? The companies have no recourse to complain or get the money back do they? How does this work?

House Representatives have 2 year terms. If you'd like to hold onto that job for longer than 2 years, you have to campaign again, which means raising money again. Do you think TurboTax is going to keep investing in a congressperson who isn't doing what they want?

This is why congress should be a conscripted service.

With a limit of two terms.... should only be able to vote to keep a certain person in office, but all persons in office should be selected just like jury duty.

Want to know how fucking retarded the world is. Do this. but at least it will diminish corruption from the likes of Pelosy and others who spend DECADES in their positions...

How does this work?

The definition of an honest politician is one who stays bought.

Nobody in politics receives a single "campaign contribution" aka "bribe". Instead, it's an ongoing revenue stream.

Lobbyists frequently lobby on behalf of a number of companies, on a number of issues. The lobbyists know which politicians can be trusted. The politicians know which lobbyists can be trusted.

That does seem somewhat cynical, and the whole business does seem a bit seedy if not sordid. But what is the alternative? Our republic seems bad, but it functions better than most other countries out there.

>The companies have no recourse to complain or get the money back do they? How does this work?

They'll back your opponent in the primaries/elections, and run smear campaigns on you.

yeah but what happens when they're up for re-election and they need money again? Maybe corporate donors back a rival who they know will "play ball".

a sinecure is always nice?

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