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With our existing trend of moving everything to the cloud, I wonder why development environments aren't going in the same direction as well. It has so many benefits. I code on my digital ocean server (vim and tmux) and it gives allot of the benefits that netlify mentions like streaming live. If I don't have my computer I can just borrow anyone's computer (or use a public computer in the library) to make quick fixes or even implement features, all of which will be immediately live even if I log out of the system. If my laptop is lost or damaged, I just get a replacement and pick up exactly where I left off. With tools like react native, I can also dabble with mobile development in the cloud.

What's your setup like? I've been looking around to set something like this up, mainly for being able to do quick fixes on the go. (Or use my iPad when I'm on holiday)

Unfortunately I don't have much to share because my setup is so simple. Literally just vim (you can find really awesome vimrc on GitHub, mines pretty messy), and tmux (simple apt install).

When I visit my friends place I usually just use their computer, otherwise I'll use my MacBook pro or desktop. I don't think about setup much, I just use whatever devices around me to access and write code on my server instance.

Understood, for my purposes I was really looking for a more full-fletched dev environment. Being able to run a local dev server and a browser (for front-end dev). Sadly that doesn't seem to be possible on an iPad at the moment.

I do similarly as you except s/DO/codenvy/

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