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Glide is hiring designers and engineers in SF to create 1B new developers by 2030
14 days ago | hide
Glide (W19, https://glideapps.com/) is hiring designers & engineers in San Francisco to help create a billion new software developers by 2030.

Software is “eating the world,” yet less than 1% of people can code. We want to give everyone the power to shape our world in this way by applying spreadsheet-style programming to end-user software creation.

We recently graduated from YC and we're funded by some of the best early-stage investors in the world, including First Round, SV Angel; the CEOs of GitHub, Figma, and AngelList; and current & former leaders from Apple and Microsoft. We have great traction, a passionate community, and a challenging roadmap that we need your help with.

If you're interested, please check our our jobs page: https://glideapps.com/careers We can't wait to work with you!

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