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I jumped to Netlify after I had my static site on s3 and thought to myself "securing it through letsencrypt could be nice" and after 3 hours I couldn't get it working, so I ported the site over to Netlify in ~15 mins including the lets-encrypt integration and pointing the domain over.

For reference you need to use Cloudfront to back S3 static sites (kinda sucky) to get SSL - We do that on prod but we also use netlify for dev (we could for both, but AWS existed before in out estate, accounting etc)

I faintly remember some weird edge-cases, like I could enable cloud-front only for S3 buckets hosted in us-west-1, but I had it setup in eu-central or something like that?

I don't mind AWS, but Netlify was just painless.

In similar fashion I use now.sh, I could upload a thing to s3 and fiddle with permissions and settings, or I could `now` :)

If you want to set up HTTPS with CloudFront, it's your certificates in AWS Certificate Manager that must be in us-east-1.

There is no restriction on S3 bucket regions.

Yeah it was super fast for me to set up a static site for my company on Netlify. 15 minutes and it was live with HTTPS.

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