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I'm currently using it for my website https://vidcap.co (its on beta). There are three things that I'm using it for, but I'm sure other features goes pretty deeply.

1. Pairs the domain with the file server - I can buy a domain on Godaddy and then have it pair to my Netlify fileserver. Its pretty easy to get started. In the past I used Godaddy for everything, but now I do not have to.

2. Deployment mangement. If you have Github, you can setup automatic deployments to the production server. So, when you save some code and push it to Github, it will then push that code to your live server. In the past I would have to manually copy those files over. Now, I'm not sure exactly how to push manually through Netlify (I really need to brush up on it), so I turn it off if I'm working on some items that shouldn't get pushed quite yet.

3. It comes with security certificate (https) without any additional cost. In fact what I'm using is the free tier. I'm able to deploy an entire site for free (well my Azure server is costing me money, but still).

Hope that helps!

Mostly unrelated, but instead of turning off automatic deployment when you're working on something that isn't ready to deploy, why not just work on a branch other than master?

It seems you're now experiencing the HN hug of death.

Is it a quota issue or Netlify not able to handle the load?

Considering that Netlify is handling the #1 HN traffic just fine, I’d guess something else is at play.

Indeed. My connection coincidentally happened to slow to a crawl, allowing me to submit a comment, but not load a page!

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