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Looks super cool and super happy with Netlify hosting.

I just gave it a spin though and got this:

  Netlify Dev ◈ Starting Netlify Dev...
  Netlify Dev ◈ Overriding dist with setting derived from netlify.toml [dev] block:  null
  Netlify Dev ◈ No dev server detected, using simple static server
  Netlify Dev ◈ Unable to determine public folder for the dev server. 
  Setup a netlify.toml file with a [dev] section to specify your dev server settings.
But the blog post and the TOML reference (https://www.netlify.com/docs/netlify-toml-reference/) don't seem to include details on what to include in the [dev] section of the TOML file to get this to work.

Anyone have this tool working locally?

hello! thanks for the report! i just pushed a small patch that now has some more helpful messages.. havent ironed out all the states yet and probably need a state machine since i already cant keep everything in my head!


Docs are still a bit rough, but the README here should help:


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