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As far as I'm aware, zeit now can run server side code whereas netlify edge can only do at most some serverless functions, and is otherwise focused entirely on serving the front end

Zeit Now also seems to target serverless functions, not stateful applications.

Yeah but with Zeit Now the serverless functions can actually serve the application, so if you need SSR with dynamic data you're able to, whereas with netlify it's static html being served with optional AWS style lambda functions.

For instance Zeit can host a standard node server to serve your application if necessary https://zeit.co/docs/v2/deployments/official-builders/node-j...

You can do the same with Netlify functions. Here's an example:


That example doesn't serve the main website, like all netlify functions they can only handle requests under the .netlify route for functions https://express-via-functions.netlify.com/.netlify/functions...

Whereas on Zeit Now the root of the website can be a web server written in multiple languages, and offer the ability to make your own "Lambda Builder" if necessary https://zeit.co/docs/v2/deployments/builders/overview

You can rewrite URLs to serve the main website as well. We're generally bullish on but DJing server side rendering, but a rule like this totally works:

/* /.netlify/functions/app/:splat 200!

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