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My friends have used netlify for dev deployments, and it worked out pretty well as a hosted solution.

For this product I'm wondering what does this give over, running setup and deployment scripts locally? Or running a VM connected to CI server that would run test and production deployment?

The dev command includes support for some of their edge logic (redirects, proxying) and functions with first class support.

For one, there is nothing to configure with Netlify Dev.

But the configuration needs to come from somewhere, like existing netlify config?

I noticed that one of the features mentioned is this --

> Netlify Dev automatically detects common tools like Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, React Static, Eleventy, and more, providing a zero-config setup for your local dev server.

If your framework supported by netlify, just plop the projects with no configuration.

I found one or two Python projects supported by netlify -- https://www.netlify.com/tags/python/

It looks like Netlify caters to frontend development, as far as backend, mostly static site generators supported.

I would try this out for Vue.js

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