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One rather insidious thing about H&R Block's online tax filing website is that, once the hapless user has chosen to have a real human "tax pro" review their tax return (for an additional fee), the user cannot un-choose it! The website does not offer you that choice.

Even worse, when the user calls the H&R Block help number, a computerized voice does offer the user the option to downgrade, but notes that it will have to delete all of the data the user entered!!!

Talk about sleazy.

Is not sleazy. They have two systems but no export from one to the other and why should they? It's free.

You build it for free.

No. It really is sleazy. I'm talking about a situation where the user is paying for the H&R service. This is a paying customer, not a free user.

This user then adds a tax pro review service but decides later that they do not want that add-on service. But now the user cannot remove that added-on service on the H&R website. The user calls in to an automated phone line which tells the user that, in order to downgrade, the system must clear out all of their data.

The free system is a different system built by a different team. Integrating the two systems would be a nightmare.

Don't attribute to maliciousness what can be attributed to incompetence.

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