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I just filed my taxes in 10 seconds using the tax authority's smartphone app. It had pre-filled all my deductions such as interest using info reported from my employer and banks.

Apart from bribes from those who make tax software (which should be pretty easy to expose) I can't understand why congress wouldn't want to make paying taxes simple and efficient?

There is a podcast episode of "Planet Money" that goes into the history of this [1]. Pretty much it goes: If taxes were easy, people would hate them less, and not fight to abolish them - Grover Norquist.

1: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2017/03/22/521132960/epis...

Tax prep lobbyist make a lot of campaign contributions and somehow that bribery is 100% legal. Also, there is not a small number of Republicans who think taxes should be hard and confusing to make people hate taxes. They think it would them pass they're super low-tax/no-tax agenda.

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