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Complaining about it on HN ain't gonna fix your problem. Either wait for someone to fix it, pay someone to fix it now (perhaps along with other funders), fix it yourself (perhaps with a hack/workaround), use MacOS instead, use different hardware, or ignore it.

Stepping back a few feet to get a bit of perspective, it does seem like the OP is using the most common developer machine in history. Devs are historically Mac people, and are afraid of newer ones, so they hoard the 2015 MBP.

It would seem that if a developer OS was going to work correctly on any machine, ever, that would be the one, since an issue there would bug the largest possible group of people who were capable of doing something about it.

But it doesn’t. I think he has a valid point.

> Devs are historically Mac people

No, this is simply untrue. Once you step outside of the US SV and WebDev bubble, there are millions of developers writing code for on Windows and Linux for stuff that you never even heard of. Mostly because it's unsupported on Mac due to the locked down ecosystem. Obscure machine controllers and their drivers, planning software, banking software, regulatory mandated software for certifications, etc.

It is really funny, since it wasn't too long ago since I met the first mac-developer. I wondered quite a bit about that.

I did industrial cs, so development was mostly focused on embedded devices and nobody here used a mac for anything.

Wouldn't have worked anyway, since people tend to be tinkerers. That is usually not a group using locked down environments.

My statements still stand. The fact that there are many users of the hardware simply means that there might be many potential funders of a feature like this, or that it is more likely for someone to fix the problem for free in the near future.

Indeed. But it does tend to lend more credence to the point of the person you responded to, which is "nobody is ever going to make Linux work on a computer".

You're certainly correct that that's due to a combination of nobody caring enough to pay for that to happen (and the few people who could in fact do something about it simply configuring their own personal machine to work correctly.)

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