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If other platforms are a waste land then why is Apple a afraid of freedom. If they opened up nothing should change right.

Except for all of the security issues and privacy invasive apps....

Coming back to the first point "Freedom is for the user do as he wants". I am not even an American but i know how important Freedom is. You can't just give it up for privacy walled garden, corporate profits.

I’m sure most people would give up “freedom” from yet another privacy invasive feature of Facebook thst only happens on Android or yet another piece of spyware that only happens on Android.

That is what freedom all about user own choices not dictated by corporatism.

Your original point about profits and freedom makes sense now. If Apple allowed side loading or other stores then its profits would decrease. There would companies who would like to bypass that 30% cut. So yes your point is correct its all about profit rather then privacy or freedom.

You mean like all of the companies who bypass the 30% cut now by not allowing in app purchases of subscriptions and media and they distributed their app free on the app store?

The only companies that are forced to pay the 30% cut are the game developers for loot boxes and magic diamonds.

So Android users knew they were making a choice to install privacy invading apps? Not to mention all of the spyware that you can install on someone else's phone?

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