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It’s slightly surprising to see people here support this.

I own my Mac, I’m responsible enough to decide what app to use and not to, I don’t need apple’s help. This transition of OSX to be more like iOS is definitely gonna result in me switching to Linux for good.

This, plus things like advertising on the App Store are really gonna make me switch all my devices.

Thanks Apple, but no thanks.

I don't mind as long as it's optional. I as a user still have the ability to run unsigned/un-notarized apps, and there's no indication that's changing. I can also turn off SIP and load unsigned drivers if I want (and I do).

iOS, by contrast, doesn't give you any choice in the matter. That's a big difference.

You're right, we have a choice. It's just that when my mom or dad download an app from the browser and it says, app is from an unidentified developer, they're just not gonna no how to turn it off and Apple knows that about a lot of its user base too well.

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