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> To play the devil's advocate here...

You are not being the devil's advocate here.

Whatever MS, Google or Facebook do its the end of the world (as it should), but apparently for the HN crowd, Apple can do whatever they want.

This monopoly over our digital life will have severe consequences in the future. People here are so smart, but when its about Apple, their sentimental reasoning start triggering.

Actions like this one, as many others, are some of the reasons why i never use anything from Apple. Its like a car factory being able to decide where you cannot go with "their" car (Its yours). Or the clothing company choosing the places i can use "their" clothes.

The hacker spirit here ends when is anything related to Apple, when in doubt just read the top comments here in this thread. Its not a 'benevolent ditactor hacker' sort of social contract.. its a company which need to raise their profits so their shares keep being valuable to the stock market. If consumers and developers let them, they will own our digital life, and lock us with them.

We have no legal framework, and no State to intervene in our interests as it should be.. States and democracies are a dying species, and we are the ones to blame.. we, as in the general population, just want the next shiny gadget.

But i bet we will miss the things we have, but dont give much value now. Lets not forget the share of our lives that are constantly being transfered to the digital dimension, and how important they are now.

On one hand I see your point and agree somewhat, but OTOH the wild unregulated west has had its issues. Look at NPM for example.

> But i bet we will miss the things we have, but dont give much value now.

For a minority. A vast portion of users are happy with the iOS model.

I don't think the majority of Mac users share your ideology.

The problem is not in they using digital signatures, as this is a trend that is here to stay. The problem is when they are the sole provider of the trust model.

As others have pointed out, at least they should allow third-parties in where users could let trusted parties (from his point of view) provide him software for a machine he owns.

People are being näive thinking this is really about security, when in fact, its about control, power and profits. And when (some) people wake up to this fact, it will probably be too late to take any action. And i bet the majority wont even know what they have lost.

Its clear they are not thinking in their users insterests first with this move, because they are giving security with one hand, and taking freedom with the other hand.

For instance, if some app compete with them in things they think is strategic, with the control they have, they can make the app vanish and not be a problem at all for them.

We see this happening with Google everyday in search results for instance. We saw this with Windows before, but this time i think it will be much worse..

Hackers will find a way to unlock the kernel, but im sure by that time, those companies would be so powerful, they would have a legislation for that, so those kind of actions could be punished with fines or even prison.

I know im exagerating in this last scenario, but it is all possible, and with time it get more and more likely to happen.

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