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Apple is actually fairly good at making the warnings/process heavy-handed enough that only technical users will follow them.

For instance, the /System folder is not writable unless you reboot into single user or recovery mode, then run commands in a shell.

Several app developers (including Mojang with Minecraft) recommended turning off Gatekeeper to run their apps rather than dealing with developer signing or because they did not want to purchase a signing certificate. Apple eventually removed the option to disable gatekeeper from the UI (but retained it as a shell command).

The 'advanced user' override to run these apps has always been to select 'open' from the finder/context menu - but simply double-clicking on an app will give a failure screen, not an override/consent screen. (Yes - rather than telling users to right-click on their app, third parties told the users to disable app verification and quarantine for the whole system.)

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