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"Refusing" is a bit strong here.

How so? In your own words:

someone else filed the CVE.

Having someone else override Poettering does not mean "Pottering did not refuse". It simply means saner heads prevailed.

You don't win a pwnie for high quality code, and the vulns they listed (as well as ones discovered subsequent to the award) all smack of low quality code. As the lead of a core piece of technology I expect more than childish whinging about how "CVEs aren't our currency". You like Pottering, great. I don't, and more to the point I don't like the results of his influence on Linux. When posed the question "why not switch to Linux now?" systemd is high on the list of reasons.

I don't "like" Pottering because I don't know the person in the slightest. I have found systemd to be useful software and interactions on the issue queue have been reasonable.

I was a happy Upstart user before Upstart threw in the towel too.

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