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Ah, yes, "extreme" is a bad word choice. I mean to say, "unhealthy". Unhealthy usage is totally the norm, but it's abnormal for a country's media to praise such addiction in a climate where most countries' media are sounding an alarm.

> bizarre language

Again, I contend that this is how NYT typically talks about all countries' social media these days, but this is of course my subjective impression.

> Too subtle a point

Point conceded, you're right. I was a little too eager to turn your own verbiage around on you.

The "BreedReady" translation is really bad, I agree. Hadn't seen that. What's the original hanzi? Like, if you're reporting on a country, you should know how its compound words are formed. But it's the nature of the 140-character dystopia that the most shocking translation is the one that goes viral.

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