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What you described is essentially how Android works today. You whitelist specific apps, like the Amazon App Store or F-Droid, as allowed to install other apps.

The play store and samsung store are able to install and update in the background without the user doing anything. The same is not true of any 3rd party app store you whitelist.

Explicit consent is required for every apk install or update. Which is a bummer if you want to compete with the baked in store apps that "just work" and keep things up to date.

That's interesting. The Android on my phone mus be old enough that it isn't using that, or it's changed since I last bothered with it. Last time I did anything with it was a couple years back with the Humble Bundle app, and I believe you still had to toggle in the settings to allow untrusted sources for that to function. Good to know there's been some progress on this.

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