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>A big advantage of ddgr over googler is DuckDuckGo works over the Tor network.

I'm not sure I follow. Is there an option to route this command over Tor? DuckDuckGo has a dot onion but queries on DuckDuckGo.com aren't routed over Tor.

No, it doesn't mean by default routing over Tor. There's an option to specify proxy which you can use to route your ddgr searches using the Tor network. However, Google blocks that.

Google doesn't /block/ Tor, they just make life difficult for users by giving endless captcha depending on what exit node you have (similar to what Cloudflare did until quite recently).

But maybe you're referring to API access? I'm not sure if Tor users are outright blocked (and if the block is any different to other "abusive" IPs).

Please try it out with googler.

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