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I find it interesting that this snippet is used:

::selection { background-color: #ff0; }

Because when f.lux raises the color temperature for the evening it makes it so I can barely see if anything is selected while the normal color works perfectly no matter the temperature I set. At first, I thought it was one of those JS scripts that prevent selection.

Interesting, I didn't consider the fact that blue-screen filters are quite common nowadays. However, I still like the aesthetic of highlighting something on the page with a color similar to that of a highlighter pen, as opposed to the blue highlight + invert color. I remember I was on some website one day and it had this same effect, which I found to be pleasantly surprising.

I do like slightly changed selection colors, but I disabled f.lux and found the yellow too bright and jarring, something a bit more muted is what I prefer.

It's #fff888 now, thanks for the feedback! I had #fffaaa in other places and forgot to change it in etc.

f.lux makes many websites (and indeed apps in general) harder to read, or just look awful. Not sure it's reasonable to expect an arbitrary website to be "f.lux compatible".

Never had any problems with sites being hard to read. But I also don't really visit overstyled sites.

Not to mention that you actually have to do the effort to make it incompatible :)

IMO f.lux makes everything look awful.

Thankfully iOS Safari completely ignores this. I would hate it if websites could mess with my selection color.

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