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After seeing Gwern's website[0], I immediately knew what design I wanted for my personal site [1]. Tufte's CSS package is much heavier than these three rules, but it achieves the same result: Content designed to maximize readability by removing distracting elements and respecting known typography rules.

Because I write with an overly-large number of asides, I fell in love with the Tufte-styled side/margin notes. The resulting text is much easier to read, since I'm not littering the paragraphs with em-dashes and lengthy parentheticals.

I hope more people rebel against the Medium-looking websites with massive images and huge blocknotes in 30px fonts that may or may not just be a line from the next paragraph or an important point to keep in mind when reading the next paragraph.

#longformrebellion #endthelisticle

[0] https://www.gwern.net/About

[1] https://lawler.io

Lovely, but if you're making a big deal about quotes and pull-aways in your format, might I encourage you to use proper quotation marks β€” eg. β€œThe” vs. "The"?

Thanks for pointing that out. I was under the impression that Pelican's Markdown parser automatically used typographic quotes vs straight quotes, but that's apparently not the case.

Edit: Ah, it's an extension to Python-Markdown that is not enabled by default: https://python-markdown.github.io/extensions/smarty/

Ah, much more developed than I β€” I maintain a site that has a font similar to yours and I need to manually amend each and every typographic conceit. Not smart!

No worries! There's always room for improvement. Though my site now automatically swaps in [0] the correct typographic quotes (thanks again!), I still have to manually add <section>s and the HTML for the sidenotes, instead of using some kind of Markdown conceit that gets automatically translated when the site is compiled. :)

[0] https://github.com/Eiriksmal/lawler-dot-io/commit/593d3471e6...

Your website is wonderful, I encourage you to share it more! I did some extensive preliminary research looking around at personal sites posted to HN and other places, and am now surprised I hadn't yet stumbled upon yours until now.

Bonus points for looking sharp when I have JavaScript disabled.


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