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Can say I love the choice of background color.

Thank you! I'm going for a pastel-like palette individual to each top level directory, if you poke around a bit. Website is still in early stages, so colors aren't fully thought out yet, but I'm very glad to hear you like it.

how would you go about choosing a color palette? do you use tools to generate a palette[1] or is there some secret recipe or common rule set that graphic designers follow to come to a final combination that makes sense?

[1] https://github.com/dylanaraps/pywal <- just discovered this yesterday during a weekend effort to improve the color combination used by my window manager, ...

In my experience, automated color palette generation tools look cool, but don't work that well. Most applications or websites need far more colours than people think, even if those colours are used sparingly. This example chapter from the Refactoring UI book called "Building Your Color Palette"[0] was quite helpful, even though I didn't buy the book.

[0] https://refactoringui.com/previews/building-your-color-palet...

I have absolutely zero experience in graphic design or color theory, etc! I just pick whatever colors I think look nice. That being said, as I put more content on my site, I'm looking forward to learning more in this space.

Side note - you'd probably like this: https://jrl.ninja/configs

There is this background color named 'snow'. It looks great and it's just four letters. In HEX it is #FFFAFA (I don't think many CSS minifiers consider #FFFAFA -> snow).

You can use 3-digit hex colors in CSS too.

#eee = #eeeeee #abc = #aabbcc

It's not very precise, but can be convenient short hand.

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