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Dunno man, but I hope it survives. Even if it is banned, maybe it'll pop up as a different community elsewhere?

My Reddit time has dropped to almost 0 with the mass adoption of Discord. Lots of valuable Google Sheets full of resources are pinned in the most niche of Discord servers. It's not an effective swap in many cases, but it's advantages are currently vastly outweighing the disadvantages.

My only problem with Discord is that it's quite hard to keep organized. Honestly I think a good combination would be a Discord server coupled with a good wiki

I've considered spending more time on Discord than reddit but finding quality Discord servers is hard.

How did you find such valuable servers? Could you guide me.

mostly from within the communities that you wish to follow... for instance the podcasts and youtube channels surrounding $HOBBY might lead you their own server. then once you're in a couple, and get chatting, people mention other servers, or one of the channels will be dedicated to listing similar or related servers. many will be linked/pinned from subreddits too.

what's your interest? I might be able to point you to a few

Thanks for the guidance.

Most of my interests revolves around business, masterminds, entrepreneurship, freelancing etc.

Try Disboard.org - I found a few decent ones on there, and slowly networked my way into a few private ones. Some occasionally pop up in HN comments also. I left a lot of servers recently so I'm afraid I don't have any to offer you for those topics specifically.

Okay. Thanks for the help.

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