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People passionate about something are much more responsible than actual legal rights holders.

Rights holders only do the absolute minimum to preserve the culture they own, countless movies available in the commercial space are the worst quality versions of those movies and people passionate about those movies will go as far as tracking down multiple versions to take the picture quality of one, cut scenes from another, the sound from another and the subtitles from a fourth to make definitive best image, best sound, no cuts version and they do all that for free.

> Rights holders only do the absolute minimum to preserve the culture they own ...

I mean, this is not just true, but even more clearly so when you look at things beyond the (fairly niche and not legally sanctioned) 'piracy' scene. There is solid scholarship showing that content which has entered the public domain is far better preserved and accrues far more references, compared to very similar content which is still copyright-encumbered. So it is clearly the case that, while having some copyright is likely good for culture, we have way more of it at present than would be justified.

I know I’m short a night of sleep but:

I’m pretty sure you two are in complete agreement.

I misread "not just" as "just not", but after staring for a while, I don't think they're arguing.

They are, but it took me a second read too.

Is there a keyword for that kind of version improvement?

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