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This was no where close to how the Xi app is forced on the students. This was a single event where the PM talked about exams and stress which is an issue many students ans parents face, this was not a political event. Whereas ths Xi app is forced on ths students continously, shaming them if they object. And the app is filled with Xi and communist propaganda.

It's a stretch to say that it was not a political event. He makes blatantly political remarks during such interactions, such as:

> "I entered politics rather late. A lot of people are not able to accept it"

The inspirational stories he relates to children are based around how the BJP, his party, bounced back in his home state of Gujarat.

> He recalled how the Jana Sangh, the predecessor of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), lost all the seats in a Gujarat election. "They had 103 candidates. Whoever wanted to fight was given ticket. Out of 103, the security deposit of 99 was forfeited. "Four candidates survived. With their deposit money, they had a party and distributed sweets."


He also takes digs at opposition leaders by hinting that they are dyslexic (and implying that dyslexia entails mental retardation) when interacting with students who bring up dyslexia with him.


On top of this, the events are mandatory to attend. The punishment for not attending mandatory events in Indian schools goes beyond shaming. Students know they will lose every discretionary grade available to teachers if they push back.

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