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What control does the west have over their tools?

They write the software themselves. They make the devices themselves.

The West has 0 leverage.

> 0 leverage

How about trade policies that take into account human rights?

Unless you include western politicians and newspapers among "their tools". In that case, you're right, we have no hope of exercising leverage.

Well, in TFA, the app in question is distributed via Appleā€™s & Google's app stores.

If Apple took that app down, they'd disappear in the blink of an eye. Doesn't make it right to keep it up but they have no power whatsoever. It's the basic dilemma in any authoritarian society: do you want to protect your values or yourself. Choose one, and often you get neither. Being able to protect both is a luxury.

If they made the ad again today, the hammers would be thrown in the other direction.

The Google Play Store is not available in China; Android apps are distributed in China through a variety of Chinese-based app stores.


Ah sorry, I assumed Android == Google Play Store.

And you can't rate & review this app on Apple App Store.[0] I think only some apps made by Apple have this privilege.


That's interesting...and disturbing.

Why? Someone should press Tim Cook about this.

No they shouldn't. If anything this protects people. Just imagine people getting "caught" rating this. If it wasn't impossible, people might accidentally rate it badly.

This would do nothing to stop this, but might really be a problem for them.

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